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Details Mothers-in-Academia

Mothers in Academia Featuring forthright testimonials by women who are or have been mothers as undergraduates, graduate students, academic staff, administrators, and professors, Mothers in Academia intimately portrays the experiences of women at ...

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Details My-Hero-Academia-Anime

My Hero Academia - O.S.T. [Japan CD] THCA-60099

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Details magFlags-Flagge-Large-Academia-MDG-Querformat-Fahne-135m-90x150cm-Fahne-100-Made-in-Germany

Flagge: Academia MDG Querformat Fahne | 1.35m² | 90x150cm Academia MDG Da wir wissen, wie wichtig Ihre Außendarstellung ist, drucken wir unsere Academia MDG Flaggen für Ihren repräsentativen Auftritt mit modernsten Maschinen in Deutschland. Für ...

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Details Java-in-Academia-and-Research

Java in Academia and Research Java is a programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Nowadays, Java is widely used in various fields. This book is to introduce how Java is being used in academia and research.... Full description