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19,77 EUR*
Details Janes-Adventures-Janes-Adventures-in-and-Out-of-the-Book-Janes-Adventures-on-the-Island-of-Peeg-and-Janes-Adventures-in-a-Balloon

Jane's Adventures Join Jane and her scatterbrained companion, the ever-dusting housekeeper Mrs Deal, as they embark on outlandish adventures. Jane's adventures feature all sorts of weird characters such as witches, toads, ghosts, and even fantastic ...

9,04 EUR*
Details Fairy-Tale-Adventure-Crafts-Fun-Adventure-Crafts

Medieval Castle Adventure Crafts Another title in the FUN ADVENTURE CRAFTS series, MEDIEVAL CASTLE ADVENTURE CRAFTS provides step-by-step instructions on how to make eleven simple medieval-themed crafts. Create a knight, castle, dragon, and more. It ...

7,52 EUR*
Details African-Adventures-Adventure-Series

African Adventures True life missionary stories where the West meets Africa and both learn from each other as well as learn about God. Dick Anderson's stories are full of adventure, humour and faith. Learn what happens when the missionaries lose their ...